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Grow Digitally 

Grow Your Brand Digitally with BombContent

Meet Brianna

Founder of BombContent, Certified Career Coach & Host of Badass Basic Bitch

Born and raised in New York, Brianna Dunbar always had big career goals. After overcoming a tumultuous childhood and graduating from college, she loaded up what she could fit in her Honda Civic and set out for California to follow those dreams. Not only did she succeed, but she managed to achieve more in less than a decade than many people do in a lifetime. 


Brianna turned her first startup into a multimillion-dollar business within a few years. Since then, she has collaborated with several Fortune 1000 companies, become an industry leader in project management and content creation, and discovered her passion for helping others create and reach their own career and business goals. That's what led to her becoming a certified career coach and was the inspiration behind the founding of BombContent.   


In addition to managing BombContent, Brianna is an Austin-based serial entrepreneur; host of the popular podcast, Badass Basic Bitch; a wife; and a mom of three amazing kids.

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"Next time you find yourself worrying about a bold move, blank out the expectations of others, and ask yourself what you desire and which brave move you could make to be your most authentic self." Brené Brown

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